Is the Xbox Series S worth it? Should you buy the cheaper console or save up for an Xbox Series X instead?

It's nearly Christmas, and you might be thinking about giving yourself a little treat.

Maybe you've been eyeing up the PS5 but ultimately decided against it. If that's the case, then the Xbox Series X and Series S are both pretty enticing.

Which one is the right one for you though, is the Series S okay, or are you better off saving up your pennies for the Series X instead.

Here's what you need to know.

What are the differences between the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X?

While we could go into the specifics of the specs and talk about which one has more teraflops (the Series X) or anything else regarding the numbers themselves, we find it's generally better to keep things simple here.

So, in short, the main differences between the two consoles is that the Xbox Series X is more powerful, which means that you're going to have better graphics and performance, the Xbox Series X has a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive, while the Series S has no drive at all, and that the Series X has nearly twice the storage space.

However, and this is the deciding factor for a lot of people, the Xbox Series S only costs £249.99 while the Xbox Series X costs £449.99. That's a big old difference.

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Is the Xbox Series X worth the extra money?

There are a few things to consider here, but the main one is whether or not you need a disc drive and all of that extra power, and if that's realistically worth another £200.

Notice that we didn't mention storage, and that's because xCloud is coming to consoles, which means it might not be relevant.

In fact, that might even take away the need to worry about the power too if your internet is good enough. As it stands, we'd honestly say that the Xbox Series S it probably good enough for a lot of people.

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