Saints Row Crossplay: Is Saints Row Crossplay, Cross-Platform and Cross Progression?

Two people involved in a dramatic car chase, as a following car tips over - Saints Row crossplay
Credit: Deep Silver

Two people involved in a dramatic car chase, as a following car tips over - Saints Row crossplay
Credit: Deep Silver

Is Saints Row crossplay? With the release of any highly anticipated game comes questions. And Saints Row is no exception. With its vast scope for multiplayer chaos, it would seem to be a game that's absolutely ripe for crossplay, to allow anyone to play against anyone else.

But is this actually possible? We'll let you know. And we'll also explain the (oft-confusing) differences between being crossplay, cross-platform, and cross-progression.

Is Saints Row Crossplay?

To begin at the beginning, Saints Row does offer some limited crossplay. But not between platforms.

Rather, as noted in an interview with GamesRadar+, crossplay is possible for players on the same console family, even if they are from different generations.

For example, PS4 players will be able to play alongside PS5 players, and Xbox One players can play with Xbox Series X|S players. But an Xbox player would not be able to play with a PlayStation user.

This isn't crossplay in its fullest sense. But it offers slightly more than being limited to the specific platform you are using.

Saints Row features a two-player co-op mode throughout the campaign. So if you do have a friend that you want to wreak havoc with, you'll be fine as long as they use the same console family as you. But if one of you has an Xbox, and the other has a PlayStation, you'll forever remain apart.

What About Cross-Platform and Cross-Progression?

We often get people asking about cross-platform and cross-progression as well as crossplay. So it's worth taking a bit of time to understand the differences between the three terms.

Crossplay is when you can play a game alongside players who are using different platforms than the one you are on. So a PC gamer playing against an Xbox gamer would be an example of crossplay.

Cross-platform is a term that is often used when people actually mean crossplay. But it is actually meant to describe any game that is not exclusive to a specific platform. Most AAA games tend to be released on multiple platforms, so would be considered cross-platform. Saints Row is an example, as it is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. A game that's exclusive to one platform, such as God of War: Ragnarok, would not be cross-platform.

Last, but by no means least, is cross-progression. This is when a player is able to start playing a game on one platform, save it, and then pick up from where they left off using a different device.

For instance, maybe you have saved your game on your Xbox at home, but then you want to play it on your laptop while you are out and about. Cross-progression would allow you to start at the exact point you left it on your Xbox.

Cross-progression is sometimes also described as cross-save, or cross-platform progression, just to confuse you even further.

Hopefully, that has cleared matters up for you. And even if this variation on crossplay wasn't what you were hoping for, it is, perhaps, better than nothing.

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