Is Manor Lords Free to Play?

manor lords free camera top down view for brown buildings in medieval town

manor lords free camera top down view for brown buildings in medieval town

Manor Lords is something of an enigma because despite the game's ridiculous popularity on Steam there's much that we don't know. If you're one of the people excited to try out this brand-new city builder, you're going to want to know if Manor Lords is Free to Play.

Once we go over the game's cost, we'll go over alternative methods on how you can get your hands on Manor Lords for "free". We'll also go over the costs for the bonus additions to the game. So, is Manor Lords free to play?

While you're here you should also learn about the Manor Lords System Requirements and if the game will have multiplayer.

Is Manor Lords Free?

No, Manor Lords is not free to play as the game will be included on Microsoft's Game Pass. If you're a Game Pass subscriber, you will technically have access to Manor Lords for free.

The game will launch as an Early Access title so it's unlikely that you'll have to pay the price for a full game. The developer, Slavic Magic, is also dedicated to delivering what was promised and not overselling the game. We can probably expect a reasonable price of around $10-20 for Manor Lords.

We currently don't know how much Manor Lords will cost because the game's status on Steam is currently set to Wishlist. Furthermore, we don't know if the soundtrack for the game will be included in the purchase, as it's listed separately from the game itself. However, the price on the Manor Lords Soundtrack is currently marked as N/A.

We'll find out how much the game will cost once it launches on 26 April 2024.

That's all you need to know on if Manor Lords is Free to Play and how much it will cost on release. On the other hand, for concrete information that we do know, learn about all the confirmed features and the best Manor Lords units.

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