How to play Hard Bullet VR on your Oculus Quest 2

Is Hard Bullet On Oculus Quest 2: How To Play Hard Bullet VR On Oculus Quest 2
Credit: Steam

Is Hard Bullet On Oculus Quest 2: How To Play Hard Bullet VR On Oculus Quest 2
Credit: Steam

Is Hard Bullet VR on Oculus Quest 2 a possibility or a pipe dream? Let's find out!

Hard Bullet VR made its name on Steam as an action-adventure VR game with realistic physics, lots of guns, gory body damage, slow-motion abilities and cinematic environment destructions.

And, as with many VR games, people are now asking if Hard Bullet is on the Oculus Quest 2. Similar questions have been asked about Skyrim VR on Oculus Quest, and Boneworks on the Oculus Quest, for example. But for now, let's focus on Hard Bullet VR.

Is Hard Bullet VR On Oculus Quest 2?

At the time of writing, Hard Bullet VR is available for purchase via Steam and playable on your PC.

Hard Bullet VR is not, however, available to purchase directly on the Oculus Quest Store. So it isn't possible to download and install it directly onto your Quest 2 headset.

The good news is that you can use your PC to play Hard Bullet VR on your Oculus Quest 2. It will take a few extra steps, but the end result absolutely justifies the effort. We'll explain everything in the following section.

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How To Play Hard Bullet VR On Oculus Quest 2

If you have been dying to play Hard Bullet VR on your Oculus Quest 2, you would be delighted to know that it is possible to play it on your headset via your PC.

You can do this either by using an Oculus Link cable or connecting your headset wirelessly to your PC and play that way. Before you get into trying out these methods, make sure your PC meets the system requirements to run Hard Bullet. Otherwise, your gaming experience will be disappointing.

Method 1 - Using Oculus Link

Using the Oculus Link is the most straightforward way to play Hard Bullet VR on your Oculus Quest 2. Simply follow these steps:

  • Purchase and download Hard Bullet on Steam.
  • Next, connect your link cable to your PC. To do this:
    • Open the Oculus app on your PC.
    • Turn on your Quest 2 or Quest.
    • Plug your USB 3 cable into a USB 3.0 port on your PC, then plug the other end into your headset.
    • A message is displayed in VR prompting you to Allow access to data. Select Deny. If you mistakenly "Allow" the prompt, you must unplug your USB cable from the Quest and plug it back in.
    • When prompted to Enable Oculus Link, select Enable to begin remote rendering using Oculus Link.
  • Once you've got your link cable up and running, open Steam VR. You can either do this on your PC or via the app on your headset.
  • Find Hard Bullet and click on it to launch the game.

Although the Link Cable is 5 metres long, it indeed limits your mobility. It is possible to get around this limitation by adopting the following wireless options to play Hard Bullet VR on your Quest 2.

Method 2 - Wireless Options

There are actually two different wireless methods you can use. One option is to download Virtual Desktop. This then mirrors whatever is on your PC screen. Here are the steps you need to take.

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  • Download and install the Virtual Desktop app.
  • Open the app, then open Steam VR.
  • In the Steam VR, search for Hard Bullet directly or via going to your Steam Library
  • Click on Hard Bullet to launch it.

Another option is to use Oculus Air Link, which basically does the same thing as a Link Cable, but wirelessly. To use Air Link, both your headset and your PC app need to be running v28 software. You can check what version you are on by looking in Settings.

Assuming that you have the latest version, let's discuss the steps.

  • Put on your Quest 2 headset and press the Oculus button to open the universal menu.
  • Select Settings then select Experimental Features.
  • Find and select the button next to Air Link.
  • Read the Air Link Requirements, and then select Continue.
  • Find and select your PC in the Available PCs list then select Pair.
  • Once pairing is complete, you can now click Launch.

There you go. Enjoy Hard Bullet in VR! While the wireless method offers you mobility, the connection tends to be a bit unstable compared to the wired solution.

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Is Hard Bullet On Oculus Quest 2 Without PC?

Since Hard Bullet VR is not available on the Oculus Quest Store, your only option is to play the game using your PC. Whether or not Hard Bullet will come to the Oculus Store is uncertain at this time. It is unlikely, however.

One of the reasons for this is that the Hard Bullet VR available on Steam is simply too much for the Quest hardware to cope with on its own. The Quest 2 comes with 6GB RAM, but Steam recommends a minimum of 8GB RAM for Hard Bullet.

The same applies to other popular VR games like Pavlov VR which are not available on Oculus Quest 2 as well. So, if you want to play VR titles like Hard Bullet on Oculus Quest 2 you will need to use one of the best gaming PCs as well as your Oculus headset.

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