Is Everwild on Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Everwild is the latest IP from Rare. You might know rare from the olden days on Nintendo with the likes of Blast Corps, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Perfect Dark (please bring Rare Replay to PC, thanks).

Of course, you might know them more for games like Kameo: Elements of Power, or the rather excellent Sea of Thieves.

No matter what it is that sticks out in your memory as the de facto Rare game, it's always exciting to find out that they're doing something new.

It does raise one very important question though, and that is whether or not Everwild will be cross-gen, or if you'll have to buy an Xbox Series X to play it.

Is Everwild on Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Well, there's bad news here for some, and that's that according to the product page for Everwild, it's not coming to Xbox One.

That means you'll either need to own a PC or an Xbox Series X to be able to play it.

This is good news in some respects, but may cut some people out of the audience on launch due to the potential expense of a new console at the moment.

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Why is this the case?

Judging by the trailers, it's likely due to a mix of reasons that are all linked to the wonders of upgrading your hardware.

The graphics are stunning, but they're also stylised which means it's probably more due to processing speed than just graphical prowess.

Ultimately, the next-gen of consoles is going to see a stark improvement in terms of loading times, what can be done in a game, and how detailed they can be too.

It means that the next-gen is likely to have a far more substantial gameplay leap than anything else, and Everwild will undoubtedly benefit from that.

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