Is Discord on Nintendo Switch?

An image of the Discord app on Nintendo Switch

An image of the Discord app on Nintendo Switch

Discoed is already available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Xbox and Android, and it is coming to PS5 soon. But is Discord on Nintendo Switch? We've put together this handy guide to answer just that.

As two titans of their respective domains - Discord, with its unparalleled community features, and Nintendo Switch, with its innovative approach to console gaming - the potential integration of these platforms promises to redefine the boundaries of gaming communication.

This guide delves into the current status of Discord on Nintendo Switch, exploring the avenues through which gamers can connect, communicate, and conquer together.

Is Discord on Nintendo Switch?

Discord is currently not available on Nintendo Switch. A few years ago, the founder and CEO of Discord said he would love to bring Discord to Nintendo.

In the years since, little appears to have changed to make that happen. And there are probably a host of reasons for this. As we know, Nintendo tends to be very protective of its intellectual property. This means they tend to be slow at giving their development tools to third parties.

There are also questions about the impact of a chat service like Discord, and the family-friendly approach that Nintendo tries to take. We all know that there are some pretty toxic things in the gaming world. And a third-party app would not give Nintendo the same level of control that it normally has. Perhaps they feel that the risk of this to their brand identity is not worth it.

Are there any alternatives?

If you really want to be able to enjoy an online chat on your Switch, then you do at least have some options.

The first, and most Nintendo-approved, is voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online App. You'll need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to use it. It also restricts use to members who are 13 and over. And not every game is compatible with the service. To use it:

  • Download and install the Nintendo Switch Online app on a smart device.
  • Start the app, and sign in using your Nintendo account.
  • Turn on your Switch console, and start the compatible software using the same Nintendo account.
  • Enter the voice chat mode on the app.
  • On your smart device, you'll see a prompt marked "Start voice chat?". Select Start.

The Nintendo service is quite limited, so you may find the game you want to play doesn't actually offer the service. If you find yourself in this scenario, or just want to use something else, your options are slightly restricted.

Your most likely alternative is to simply use a service such as Discord, and run it through a separate device, while using your Switch. It's a little bit unwieldy, but will at least give you the option of chatting with friends, even on games that aren't supported by the Nintendo Voice Chat service.

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