How to fix IRS refund status not working issue

IRS refund status not working - An image of the "Refund Status Error" on IRS2Go

IRS refund status not working - An image of the "Refund Status Error" on IRS2Go

If you are experiencing the "Refund Status Error" on IRS2Go and the IRS refund status is not working as expected, you would be glad to know that this is a common issue many users are facing.

Recently, numerous users of the IRS2Go app have reported encountering errors when attempting to check their refund status, specifically receiving messages that the information entered is invalid or does not match IRS records, even when entered correctly.

Be assured that this problem has happened before and it does not necessarily imply any mistake in your tax filing. In this guide, we'll explore the reasons behind this problem and offer solutions for managing the situation.

What causes the refund status error?

The "Refund Status Error" messages encountered on the IRS2Go app can be attributed to several reasons, including system updates or high traffic volumes. Here are the main factors that may cause these issues:

  • System maintenance and updates: The IRS periodically performs system maintenance and updates, which can temporarily disrupt access to the IRS2Go app's features, including the refund status function.
  • High traffic volume: During peak tax season, a significant increase in users accessing the IRS2Go app to check their refund status can overwhelm the servers, leading to slower response times or errors.
  • Updating taxpayer data: The IRS continuously updates its system with information from processed tax returns, which could temporarily affect the availability of certain services like the refund status check.

These factors collectively contribute to the instances when users might face difficulty accessing their refund status through the IRS2Go app.

How to fix IRS refund status not working issue

To fix the issue of the IRS refund status not working and resolve the "Refund Status Error," it is advisable to check the refund status at a different time. It will be resolved once the taxpayer data is completely updated or when traffic volumes decrease.

If the problem persists, contacting the IRS directly or checking the "Where's My Refund?" tool on the IRS website can provide an alternative way to obtain refund status information. But waiting out is the most practical approach.

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