‘Iron Man’ Power Armour and robot dogs coming to Korean police

Korean police forces are preparing for science fiction with new investment in dystopian policing. Seemingly gearing up to fight fictional enemies, the Eastern police is investing in Iron Man cops in power armour and robot dogs. What is this, Cyberpunk?

What is Korea’s Iron Man Police initiative?

Via The Investor, Korean police are attempting to create new power armour cops to fight crime. Called “Iron Man Police”, the National Police Agency plans to make every cop a walking weapon.

Over the course of 30 years, the NPA plans to make sweeping upgrades to its police force. This includes the creation of predictive crime AI, robot dogs and power armour for use in crime fighting.

The NPA has created a pitch known as “Police Future Vision 2050”. This outline shows a plan to move away from human cops and further towards machines that can judge, fight and arrest criminals all on their own.

For the few human cops that remain, they will be enhanced with advanced power armour. As “Iron Man Police”, these humans will have an advanced tech suit with armour as well as an AI companion similar to Jarvis. Yes, Korean officials have seen too many movies.

In an anime-level of sci-fi bizarreness, these Iron Man cops will be paired with robot dogs in their crime-fighting 9-to-5. Yep, we’re really at that point.

No, this isn’t a mobile game — although it does look like it — this is official concept art of their ideal body armour.
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No, this isn’t a mobile game — although it does look like it — this is official concept art of their ideal body armour.

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Do we need Battle Armour cops?

Of course, the arrival of cops in Science Fiction battle armour leads to one question: do we need this? Are cops in full armour plating needed to fight crime?

The obvious answer is a big: “no!” We don’t live in a time where large-scale bank robberies and hostage situations are common place, and even so power armour isn’t going to solve those situations any easier. In fact, brute force displays often lead to more civilian casualties.

There aren’t real-life supervillains. Instead, creating power armour for cops leads to a future where bad guys will be able to steal said power armour for themselves. That’s the only way they’re getting power armour! It’s all very ridiculous.

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