Ireland hires first AI Ambassador to protect public against dangerous robots

AI is slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives, a fact that's led to a lot of fear from the public. While most will agree that AI has helped with things smart assistants, it's also a major component to sinister services like facial recognition. It seems that Ireland is thinking one step ahead as they hired an AI ambassador to educate and protect people from robotics.

Who is Ireland's AI ambassador?

Dr. Patricia ScanlonPatricia Scanlon will be Ireland’s first Artificial Intelligence Ambassador. As the founder of Soapbox Labs, an AI company creating voice and speech apps for children, Scanlon is an expert in the field. The Ambassador's experience makes her a solid fit for the role.

"Artificial Intelligence already influences many facets of our daily lives and has the power to deliver an enormous and positive impact for both businesses and society once the benefits and potential risks are understood," Scanlon said via RTE. "

With all this experience, Scanlon is expected to engage with businesses and schools alike to discuss how AI can be beneficial or risky, depending on its integration. Scanlon will be taking up the role of AI Ambassador immediately, working with the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment on what the future holds.

Minister of State Robert Troy explained: "AI can bring great benefits to our society in areas such as healthcare, climate action and education. [However, ] it is important that we look at all aspects of the technology so we have a full and informed understanding of how it will impact of lives from now and into the future."

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Humanity first

Robot fears from sci-fi movies aside, there are concerns when it comes to people’s privacy and security when it comes to AI. There’s also talk of having AI handle construction, which might lead to more people losing jobs if robots can handle it.

Scanlon is hoping to educate the people of Ireland on AI and assure the public that humanity will be her main concern. Whether that means the aforementioned fears can be put to rest is hard to say but having an expert on advanced technology like this is the first step.

“I see a clear opportunity for Ireland to become a leader in advocating for and adopting an ethical approach to AI, that puts humans first,” she states.

Humanity's fear of AI taking over may come from science fiction, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t legitimate concern over the emerging technology. More moves like this to protect the public is appreciated so we hope hiring experts like this becomes the norm. Let’s hope other countries take notice and put our concerns first over the next AI craze.

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