iPhone X and AirPods 1st Gen Are Heading for the Apple Graveyard

An iPhone X and the original 1st Gen AirPods on a tombstone
Credit: Apple

An iPhone X and the original 1st Gen AirPods on a tombstone
Credit: Apple

As technology progresses and new products arrive, older ones eventually become unsupported and obsolete. Major updates cease, security patches stop, and finally, the product is classified as obsolete—a relic of a bygone era.

Despite supporting numerous devices for years, Apple has now classified the iPhone X and the original AirPods as 'vintage' products. Although the iPhone X dramatically changed the landscape for the best iPhone apps with its new design, and the AirPods quickly became a staple on the best iPhone earbuds list, they are now outdated and have been succeeded by newer models.

Released in late 2017, the iPhone X represented a significant design overhaul for Apple's smartphones, eliminating the home button and its corresponding bezel in favor of an edge-to-edge display. It also introduced Apple's Face ID to the market, a feature that continues to perplex some users to this day.

As we approach the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup for 2024, the design of the iPhone X remains influential. While the introduction of features like the iPhone Action Button and the Dynamic Island have refreshed the design, Apple has not reintroduced the home button in its flagship smartphones since 2017.

While the iPhone X marked a major design shift for iPhones, the AirPods were revolutionary in the industry. Offering some of the best earbuds for music, their distinctive stem design and seamless integration within Apple’s ecosystem made them a must-have for Apple fans. As we anticipate the release of AirPods 4 and the eventual arrival of AirPods Pro 3, it’s evident that AirPods have maintained their status for years.

Although Apple now considers the iPhone X, the original AirPods, and the HomePod as vintage, signaling they are nearing the end of their lifespan, these products are not entirely dead yet. Once classified as vintage, they will eventually be deemed obsolete seven years after they were last available for sale, at which point Apple and Apple Authorized Service Providers will no longer offer repairs.

If you are considering upgrading from your iPhone X after all these years, the upcoming iPhone SE 4 could be a good budget-friendly option if you want to stay with Apple. Alternatively, you might want to hold out for the foldable iPhone, expected to have ground-breaking features, but you may need to wait until at least 2025 for that.

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