iPhone 16 Design Leak Shows New Camera Overhaul and Another Button

iPhone 15 different models in front of an iOS background in different colors
Credit: Apple

iPhone 15 different models in front of an iOS background in different colors
Credit: Apple

Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes, and a new iPhone model each year. Apple has made it an annual event to release a new lineup of iPhones, with the iPhone 15 launching late last year. Now, all eyes are on the iPhone 16 to see what Apple will bring for this year's model.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 16 release will likely coincide with the launch of iOS 18, as Apple Intelligence takes center stage with the launch of new iOS 18 AI features. However, the new iPhone model promises to be equally exciting, and if the leaks are accurate, it could represent a significant change from the iPhone 15.

A new video from ICE UNIVERSE on Twitter, as spotted by TechRadar, allegedly showcases a case for the iPhone 16, presumably for the Plus model, which usually offers a step up from the standard iPhone but falls below the Pro lineup. The most intriguing aspect of the design is the vertical camera arrangement, as opposed to the diagonal formation seen in current iPhone models.

If the case leak is genuine, it also shows the flashlight being relegated to a small hole punch next to the cameras. However, that leads us to one of the most interesting changes for the upcoming iPhone 16.

Notably, on the left side of the case, you’ll see two spaces for buttons. One is for the standard volume up and down buttons we’re familiar with, but the second is a hole that seems to accommodate another potential button. We believe this is the long-rumored iPhone 16 capture button, designed to make it easier to capture photos and videos in the moment.

Interestingly, Apple added a new button with the iPhone 15 Pro lineup—the Action Button, a customizable button that replaced the Ring/Silent switch. This feature is set to appear on standard iPhone 16 models later this year, but the new capture button is reportedly a dedicated photography button, and it’s unclear if it will be customizable.

Of course, it’s worth taking these rumors with a grain of salt until Apple officially reveals the iPhone 16. However, this gives you plenty of time to pick up the best phone controller, the best earbuds for iPhone, and prepare for Apple's upcoming smartphone.

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