iPhone 15 storage options - what capacities are offered?

iPhone 15 storage options - An image of two hands holding two iPhone 15
Credit: Apple

iPhone 15 storage options - An image of two hands holding two iPhone 15
Credit: Apple

If you're thinking about getting the newest iPhone, it's essential to know about the different storage options the iPhone 15 offers.

At the 2023 Apple Event, the new iPhone 15 was revealed, and it finally has USB-C. Enhancements such as the upgraded camera, Dynamic Island, and USB-C on iPhone 15 make it an instant buy for many fans. However, the challenge lies in selecting the ideal storage option.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the diverse storage options offered by Apple's latest iPhone 15 lineup, and help you select the right storage capacity tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

iPhone 15 storage options

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are available in three storage options - 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro is available in four storage options - 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB option. As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is available in three storage capacities - 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

Storage Options
iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be available in pink, yellow, green, blue, and black. Meanwhile, Phone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be available in black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium, and natural titanium finishes.

Which size should you buy?

The choice of the best storage capacity for your iPhone 15 primarily depends on your individual usage.

For the average user, a 128GB iPhone 15 typically offers ample storage capacity to comfortably store daily apps, photos, videos, and music. Additionally, if you're conscious of your budget, selecting the 128GB iPhone 15 is a practical and cost-effective decision.

But if you are someone who takes a lot of photos and videos (especially in 4K or other high-quality formats), downloads large apps and games, or stores a lot of music and movies, a higher storage capacity like 256GB or 512GB may be a better choice.

Considering the arrival of AAA games such as Assassin's Creed Mirage and Resident Evil 4 Remake on the iPhone 15 Pro models, it's wise to consider the 512GB or 1TB storage models if you plan to download these graphically intensive games on your phone.

And with that, we are concluding our short guide on the iPhone 15 storage options. In other news, iPhone 15 Pro Max brings ray-tracing to iPhone for the first time.

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