iPad Pro 2021: Features, Release Date, Price

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The next Apple event is rumoured to be right around the corner, making now the perfect time to speculate about what the iPad Pro 2021 could look like.

We’ve already gone through all the speculation regarding the AirPods 3, which are also rumoured to release soon alongside the iPad Pro 2021. 

The event which takes place on March 23rd, will reportedly feature a number of announcements and likely confirm release dates for several new products.

Will that announcement include iPad Pro 2021 reveal, pricing and details? Who knows? But let’s run through what we might expect from a new entry in Apple’s popular tablet range. 


One of the biggest features rumoured to be heading to the iPad Pro 2021 is 5G compatibility. The entire range of iPhone 12 mobile phones is compatible with the high-speed network, so it would make sense to extend that compatibility to the iPad Pro. 5G connectivity would enable the iPad Pro 2021 to take advantage of faster connection speeds while not connected to Wi-Fi, making the device easier to use while travelling. 

Mini-LED displays are rumoured to feature, providing a less-expensive and energy efficient screen solution that is less likely to suffer from image burn-in. It was reported as far back as last March by MacRumours, that Apple plans to introduce Mini-LED displays to a range of products.

These Mini-LED displays were not present in the most recent iPhone 12 release, so it would make sense that we’d see the screen technology revealed in the new iPad Pro 2021. 

According to Bloomberg Technology reporter, Mark Gurman, the new iPad could feature something on par with the latest M1 chip found in the MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and the MacBook Pro. This would make it one of the most powerful iPads to date, making it even more powerful than the iPhone 12 range of devices. 

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MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and the MacBook Pro

Under-screen Touch ID is nothing new to the mobile space, but previous iPad models have featured a physical Touch ID button. Including an under screen fingerprint sensor would not only reduce the physical bezels, but it would give users an alternative to Face ID. It’s also much more friendly from a user perspective.

An Apple patent filed last year hinted towards devices featuring foldable screens. While this is unlikely to feature in the upcoming iPad Pro 14, it’s not impossible. There’s already a foldable tablet on the market, with Lenovo having released its ThinkPad X1 last September. It could be too early for Apple to jump on the foldable tech bandwagon, but you never know.

Release Date 

It’s only been around a year since Apple released the latest version of the iPad, the iPad Pro (fourth generation). With Apple typically following an 18 month release cycle, it’s currently a little early for us to see a new iPad in the market. Having said this, the upcoming Apple event may be the perfect opportunity to announce the iPad Pro 2021 with a release date of September or October.

Alternatively, Apple may decide to release the iPad Pro 2021 ahead of expected predictions. We are after all living in unprecedented times, and Apple is known for shaking things up.

Tl;dr: Apple could release the next iPad Pro in a few weeks, or it could towards the end of the year based on past release cycles.


While there are no leaked pricing details, we can take a look at last year’s iPad Pro prices to get an idea. The 11-inch model costs £769, while the 12.9 inch model costs £969. We can expect the iPad Pro 2021 to sit around a similar pricing bracket, although a new, more powerful chip could slightly drive that price up. 

iPad Pro 2021 11-inch model - £750- £800

iPad Pro 2021 12.9-inch model - £950 - £1,000

Should those rumours about a potential foldable iPad run true, you can expect the price of a foldable iPad to be somewhere in the mid £1,500 to £2,000 range, although this is a low estimation at best considering the price of many foldable phones. 


Thanks to Tech Leaker David Sowalski, we can see what the new iPad Pro could look like. In the renders seen below, the iPad Pro 2021 looks pretty much exactly the same as last year’s model. There is the addition of magnetic connectors at the bottom and top of the device, but there’s no information available about what purpose these connectors could serve.

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