iOS 18 Beta Issues - Bugs and Other Reported Problems

An image of an iPhone running iOS 18 beta - issue, bugs, glitches and other problems

An image of an iPhone running iOS 18 beta - issue, bugs, glitches and other problems

The iOS 18 beta, like all beta releases, is intended to identify and fix bugs before the official launch. Naturally, this means there are bugs and issues present in the iOS 18 beta, which we will discuss today.

In this article, we’ll dive into the most commonly reported iOS 18 beta issues. Understanding these issues can help users make informed decisions about whether to join the beta testing phase or wait for the stable release of iOS 18.

iOS 18 Beta Issues

The major disappointment for the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max users who downloaded the iOS 18 beta was the news that Apple Intelligence and its AI features won't be available until the fall. The second disappointment was the presence of obvious bugs and glitches in the update.

Here are some of the issues reported by users on Reddit and Twitter regarding the iOS 18 beta:

  • App crashes and lag: A user with an iPhone 15 Pro Max reported that the device is not running smoothly, experiencing app crashes and lagging, especially when trying to customize the home screen with new options.
  • iCloud persistent password prompt: Another user mentioned a persistent bug where the device repeatedly asks for the iCloud password. Even after entering the password, the prompt reappears every few minutes.
  • Notification and connectivity issues: There are reports of notifications not appearing on the lock screen; they only show up when users swipe up. A user reported problems with loading and sending data, indicating connection issues.

The overall public reaction to the iOS 18 beta has been positive, with many users considering it the most stable beta release so far. On Twitter, @isiosstable rated its stability 8 out of 10, which is impressive.

Given the issues mentioned here and other unreported bugs, we recommend waiting for the stable release of iOS 18. Normal users should hold off until the full version is available to avoid potential bugs and performance issues.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on the iOS 18 bugs and issues. We hope you found our guide informational. Before heading off, check out what's new in iOS 18 and how to use Genmoji.

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