IO Interactive opens a new studio in Brighton

IO Interactive is opening a new studio in Brighton Hitman talking on phone

IO Interactive is opening a new studio in Brighton Hitman talking on phone

The United Kingdom is about to get a new dose of Freedom Fighters. Or at least in the form of the developers of the classic series, as IO Interactive has opened a new studio in Brighton. The studio is bringing the team that is working on the new 007 origin story game back to its... origins, right in the United Kingdom.

The new studio is already open and ready to go, right there in the sunny town of Brighton, a few miles south of London. This will be the fifth studio that IOI has opened, together with the ones in Malmö (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Barcelona (Spain) and Istanbul (Turkey).

The new team is going to work on the yet untitled 007 Project, which will be the first time a videogame is going to feature a origin story for the beloved secret agent James Bond. There is also another unannounced project from IO Interactive, a new IP which is going to be an online fantasy RPG, a whole departure from the usual style of the studio.

Along with now being a good destination for those looking to join the colorful world of IO Interactive, Brighton is a classic stop for tourists and vacationists alike. Known for its beautiful beach and the classic pier, perfectly suited for long walks.

IO Interactive was originally founded in September of 1998 in Copenhagen. Their first game was indeed their first hit, with Hitman: Codename 47, inspired by the classic John Woo action movies.

That would be only the first of many hits by the Danish studio, which followed it up with classic third-person shooter Freedom Fighters and ultra-violent series Kane & Lynch. The most recent game developed by IO Interactive is Hitman 3, released in 2021 to very favorable reviews.

With the opening of this new IO Interactive studio, it is easy to imagine Brighton gradually becoming the new hot destination for all future games studios.

Will we see Brighton become the new Silicon Valley of the UK?

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