Internet furries are horny for Disney's impressive Judy Hopps robot

A comparison of the Judy Hopps robot next to the real Judy Hopps

A comparison of the Judy Hopps robot next to the real Judy Hopps

Disney has created a Judy Hopps robot to entertain guests at Disneyland theme parks. While the robot may be designed for children to engage with their favourite Zootopia character, the online furry community has already started to sexualise the mechanical character.

Unveiled at Austin Texas’ South by Southwest conference, Disney showed off the robot to awestruck audience members. The brand-new robotic technology allows the robot rabbit to somersault, use rollerskates and more.

However, audience members are not the only ones interested in the Judy Hopps robot. Immediately after its reveal, internet furries immediately started thirsting over the possibilities of the robot rabbit.

At the time of writing, multiple companies are working on “sexbot” technology. Just last year, robotic dolls with bizarre Glaswegian accents were laughed at across the internet. Of course, those machines were at the very least human-inspired.

Nevertheless, Disney’s Judy Hopps robot has become very popular amongst the furry community. In fact, many have expressed their deep attraction to the unfinished machine with exposed robotic legs.

“My horny ass could not be around the Judy Hopps robot,” one Twitter user said. “I wanna rail the Judy Hopps robot,” said another.

“I need the Judy Hopps robot for reasons that I'd rather not share,” said one Twitter user. They also added a winking emoji.

Many, many social media users expressed their intrigue in acquiring their own version of the robotic Disney character. While some furries expressed that they would rather have interactions with a human in a fursuit, many more wanted to steal the robot from Disney.

Of course, alongside the thirsty comments, plenty of commenters made jokes about furries being attracted to the robot.

There’s no news on when the Zooptopia robot will be added to Disneyland parks. Currently, the robot does look anywhere near finished so it might take a long while to arrive at theme parks.

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