Intel Xe: Release Date, Price, Specs, and Everything You Need To Know

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Intel has been developing its first graphics card in over twenty years, these cards will feature the Intel Xe branding.

The graphics card for laptops is called the Intel Xe DG1, while the Intel Xe DG2 graphics card is currently being designed for gaming and desktop applications.

We've rounded up everything you need to know about Intel Xe, from predicted specs all the way to the latest news and rumours.

Let's dive right in.

Intel Xe Benchmark and Specs

The Intel Xe graphics cards may not have had their official benchmark released, but it's looking to compete with AMD and NVIDIA in the graphics card market.

Intel XE Discrete GPU With Next Gen Graphics 2
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One Intel Xe Benchmark was leaked by a recent tweet from Intel's chief GPU architect, Raja Koduri, which showcased a screenshot of the DG2 graphics card running the unreleased Mesh Shader feature test.

Unlike other benchmarking tools, this test doesn't give you a score or a rating; instead, it's a flexible all-rounder test compared to Input Assembler, Vertex Shader, Hull Shader, Geometry Shader, and Domain Shader.

The Intel Xe DG2 graphics card seemingly will offer six different models, with the high-end model featuring 512 Execution units, 16 GB of VRAM, and makes use of a 256-bit bus, which could potentially put its performance on par with AMD's Radeon graphics cards.

Intel Xe Price

Any of Intel's announcements or leaks have yet to give any official indication towards the Intel Xe price.

However, going by both AMD's and NVIDIA's pricing models. Most can assume that the entry-level models will be priced from $150 up to $250, while the mid-level graphics cards will most likely feature a price from $300 up to $400. The price for the high-end models will most likely feature a price of up to or exceeding $1,000.

Intel Xe Release Date

Intel has yet to announce the Intel Xe release date. However, they did make a statement that the Intel Xe and 7 nm manufacturing development is currently twelve months behind its projected schedule.

This may cause the Intel Xe graphics cards to be announced later than originally expected, leaving many waiting for these graphics cards in a currently starving GPU market.

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