Humanoid Robot helpers will be a $6 billion industry in 10 years

humanoid-robot-helpers-6-billion an Ameca robot looking shocked

humanoid-robot-helpers-6-billion an Ameca robot looking shocked

Humanoid robots were once the design of science fiction, but they might soon be available in your household. After decades of attempts, analysts predict that humanoid robot helpers will take off this generation.

As seen in early 80s PSAs, the robotics industry was planning to infiltrate the household decades ago. However, only recently has the technology advanced to the point where robotic humanoid assistants may be viable.

With companies like Xiaomi, Tesla and more working to create AI-based man-emulating robots, we may finally be there. But will the technology be profitable? 

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, via CNBC, the humanoid robotics industry is set to become a multi-billion dollar success. However, it will take years to get there.

Goldman Sachs believes that the industry will take between ten and fifteen years to become a $6 billion industry. While the report claims that humanoid robot helpers will have a place in the house, it’ll also be a major addition to the job market.

It’s estimated that the technology will “represent 4% of the U.S. manufacturing labor shortage gap by 2030”. Furthermore, the technology will be a main factor in the future of elderly care.

Robotics are, once again, making their way to the forefront of the job market. Recently, robot waiters have started to work in restaurants and cafés, filling in for humans.

Nevertheless, the addition of automation in job sectors such as hospitality. Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds have promised not to introduce robots into its workforce, instead relying on the skills of humans.

Whether or not humanoid robots end up taking off is a question for the future. There are advantages to bipedal robots, but will they be better for everyday work than humans? Only time will tell how robots become a part of our everyday lives. (We’re hoping for mech fights.)

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