Human or Not AI game turns the Turing Test into a real game

Human or Not AI game turns the Turing Test into a real game AI at desk

Human or Not AI game turns the Turing Test into a real game AI at desk

Can you determine an AI from a real person? You might think so, but trying to recognize when you are talking with an AI versus a real person might indeed be quite difficult. Now you can test your actual skills in a new Human or Not AI game available on your browser.

Developed by Tel Aviv-based AI systems developer AI21 Labs, the app is described as a social Turing game. If you are not familiar with the classic Turing test, then the idea behind it is pretty simple. You will engage in a conversation with someone, free to ask any questions you want.

At the end of the conversation, you will have to decide based on a series of clues if you just spoke with a real human being or an AI. The online game is exactly the same thing, but there is a big caveat: you only have two minutes to chat with the other person (or thing).

After those 120 precious seconds are up, then you have to decide: AI or not? Clearly in order to understand who you are talking to, you have to pay attention to clues and information given by your conversation partner. You can try any number of games that you like and see how many times you can guess correctly.

Available here, the Human or Not AI game is completely free to access. Using generative AI models such as ChatGPT, you’ll be able to ask any number of questions to your real or fake person.

A21 labs creative director Alan Meron mentioned creating the game after "having lots of conversation with friends and co-workers about AI". The game was apparently created to challenge everyone's assumptions about artificial intelligence.

To create the game, the company used several large language models (so called LLMs), including the company's own Jurassic-2. These languages make us of deep learning, learning from the answers given and trying to come up with text that looks as closer to human as possible.

While the Human or Not AI game might not be as exciting as the classic Voigt-Kampff test, made popular by Blade Runner, this is still quite a good way to entertain yourself while waiting for Skynet to wake up.

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