Huge Final Fantasy Buster Sword controller is too big for mortal men

Super Louis 64 holding a final fantasy 7 buster sword controller next to cloud strife

Super Louis 64 holding a final fantasy 7 buster sword controller next to cloud strife

Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword is a weapon that all gamers have strived to wield. In a move that’s sure to incite jealousy in fans around the world, gamer and tinkerer SuperLouis64 has created a functional Buster Sword controller that lets you truly feel like Cloud… or Zack.

The iconic JRPG weapon has long been a popular cosplay item for fans of the franchise. However, Square Enix has yet to release an official controller designed after the weapon.

SuperLouis does what Square Enix don’t. For the content creator’s ongoing series of playing games while exercising, the TikTok creator and Twitch streamer has turned the massive, thick, Berserk-like sword into a motion controller.

In a short TikTok, SuperLouis64 demoed the sword controller. The video shows the colossal Buster Sword controller being used to play through Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and it looks amazing.

SuperLouis is able to fully control the game’s combat with the Buster Sword controller. Performing a huge slash will make Cloud attack in-game. Additionally, holding the sword in a block position will make Cloud block in the game.

Furthermore, the controller even has lotions tied to special attacks. However, due to the sheer size of the motion controller, these techniques are rather hard to pull off, even for someone as physically active as SuperLouis.

“I pretty much made a cosplay-ready Buster Sword and turned it into a PlayStation controller with motion controls,” they said. “I still have work to do on this controller, but man, Cloud makes this look really easy.”

SuperLouis has made a number of amazing controllers in the past, including a functional spellbook for Final Fantasy 14 and a working Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk. Recently, the gamer played through FromSoftware’s Elden Ring with a Wii boxing glove.

It’s amazing to see gamers create such awesome controllers for some of the medium’s most beloved games. For decades, fans have always wanted to use the Buster Sword, and now they finally can. Well, if they make one themselves. 

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