HTC Vive: How to fix the controllers when they don't want to play

The HTC Vive has its own set of controllers in which players use for Half Life Alyx, Star Trek Bridge Crew and much more.

There could be reasons for why they decide to give up the ghost - it can be because of battery issues, calibration issues, and much more.

However, there are still ways on how to fix the variety of issues you may experience.

With that, here's how to fix the HTC Vive controllers when they don't work.

Fix your HTC Vive controllers by turning them off

This method can work most of the time, it's the tried and tested 'Switch it off and on' that we've all heard before.

According to the official support page for Vive, you can do this by pressing and holding the System button.

Once you hear a beeping sound, release it. Your HTC Vive controller is now turned off.

Turn it on again by doing the same procedure. Once this is done, there's a good chance that your controller would now work properly.

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Fix your HTC Vive controller by having it repaired

If your HTC Vive controller still doesn't work properly after attempting the method above, you may need to have them repaired.

Make sure to contact HTC first to see if they're in warranty; you may only have to send them back to them to await a replacement.

They may be able to diagnose what problem's your HTC Vive controller are currently experiencing.

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