PSVR: How to use PSVR Move controllers on PC

The PSVR headset includes the Move controllers on its arsenal to reach further heights when it comes to virtual reality.

However, one question that many have wondered, is if they can be used on a PC.

While their DualShock and DualSense controllers can be easily used on a PC, the 'Move' controllers are a different kettle of fish.

With that, here's how to use PSVR Move controllers on PC.

How to use PSVR Move controllers on PC

Let's cut to the chase; it is quite impossible to do so.

As of now, the PSVR Move controllers aren't directly compatible with the PC system. There is no way to do it as of how things stand with the PSVR.

Although the PSVR headset could do it, with a helping hand from a third-party app or software, but you're out of luck with the controllers.

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Connect your PSVR headset to PC by using the Trinus PSVR app

You can download and buy the Trinus PSVR app to connect your headset to a PC unit.

Installing and eventually running it on your PC would allow you to utilize the PSVR headset.

It means that apps such as the SteamVR which runs on your PC for other intended VR headsets may now run with the Sony-powered VR headset.

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