How to turn on the Xbox Series X: Two ways to power up the console

So your Xbox Series X has arrived. You've found a spot for the big black monolith which won't impede on your life too much. But how do you turn the darned thing on?!

This might not be immediately obvious, especially if you've never owned an Xbox console before. And might we just say: God bless you for Googling this and find our website rather than just looking at the instructions. It's instincts like that which keep websites like ours alive.

Anyway, let's get down to business and tell you how to switch on your Xbox Series X...

How to turn on your Xbox Series X console for the first time

Don't worry, you haven't accidentally bought a very expensive paperweight! There is actually a way to turn the Xbox Series X console on and use it as a gaming device... who knew?!

Make sure the power cable is plugged into the console and the power socket, and then you just have to do this: press in on the round button in the top corner of the console, which displays the 'X' that we all know as the Xbox logo.

You should feel/hear a satisfying click, followed by a cute little beep sound. This means the console is powering on - you should see some set-up instructions on your screen soon, as long as you have the visual cable connected to both the console and your TV/monitor.

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In future, you can turn on the console like this...

Once you've turned on the console and connected your controller, you won't really need to use that 'X' button on the front of the console... at least not very often.

Instead, you can press the round 'X' button at the centre of your controller! Give it a push next time you're turning the console on, and you should hear that beep from the console to let you know that it's worked.

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