How to turn off or disable Instagram Flipside

turn off or disable Instagram Flipside - AN image of an instagram profile on smartphone

turn off or disable Instagram Flipside - AN image of an instagram profile on smartphone

Instagram Flipside is here, offering users the chance to carve out a private space on the platform exclusively for their close friends. While the feature is not showing or working for many, others who have access are seeking ways to turn off Instagram Flipside.

The main reason for it is that swiping down on your profile page, a gesture previously utilised to refresh the page and resolve the disappearing highlights and stories glitch, now redirects users to Flipside. This change disrupts a workaround many relied on accessing one's own story when it doesn't appear as expected.

In this guide, we'll reveal the steps you need to take to turn off or disable Instagram Flipside, so you can get rid of this feature that is standing in your way of bringing back your disappearing highlights and stories.

How to turn off Instagram Flipside

Currently, it is not possible to disable Instagram Flipside as it is not introduced as an optional feature. However, Instagram may consider adding an option to disable the feature in the future in response to user feedback for enhanced control.

For such a change to be considered by Instagram, it's crucial that we, the users, actively provide feedback expressing our desire for the option to disable the feature. The greater the number of requests, the higher the likelihood that Instagram will consider it.

You can provide feedback by navigating to your profile on the Instagram app, then going to Settings and privacy > More info and support > Help > Report a Problem. Here, you can detail your request for the ability to turn off Flipside.

What is Instagram Flipside?

Instagram Flipside is a feature that allows users to create a private space within their profile for sharing personal content with a select group of friends​. It aims to eliminate the need for a separate private account for sharing more personal content.

In this space, users can add a different name, profile picture, and bio, effectively allowing them to present a more private side of their lives to a select group of friends. The Flipside also features a unique photo grid that is separate from the main profile grid.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to turn off or disable Instagram Flipside. We hope you found this guide helpful. Before you head off, check out the meaning of the Instagram order of followers.

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