How to set up HTC Vive base stations

In order to maximize the HTC Vive's full potential, setting up the base stations are an essential part to grasp what the VR headset can really offer to its users.

Yet the base stations will need prime position to make sure you can properly explore your surroundings in whichever game you play.

Doing this may require a bit of creativity, but once you have them in place, you don't need to worry about them for a long while.

With that, here's how to set up the base stations for the HTC Vive.

Decide on your HTC Vive setup

Before proceeding with the setup for your HTC Vive base stations, you must first decide on where you need to place the two.

You can choose whether you want to do a full room setup, or if a seated/standing setup is better suited for your area.

Although the recommended one would be the full room set up to bring out the more engaging VR experience and exploration involved with the HTC Vive.

Once you are decide on one, you may now continue on to set up your HTC Vive base stations.

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How to set up HTC Vive base stations

As the official support page for HTC Vive reads, here's how you could set up your base stations:

  • First off, you should mount the HTC Vive base stations in a diagonal manner. Do it by placing both base stations at the opposite corners of your desired playing area.
  • Proceed by adjusting your base stations that it would make the front panels face toward the play area that you want.
  • Connect the power cables right directly to the base stations. Plug each of those to a power source to turn them on.
  • Now end the process by connecting the base stations to your HTC Vive and by setting up your desired channels.

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