How to see non-followers on Snapchat story

An image of the Snapchat explore feed on a smartphone

An image of the Snapchat explore feed on a smartphone

While everyone knows how to see who screenshotted their Snapchat story or who viewed their story on Snapchat when it says +1 more, many users are unaware of how to see non-followers in their Snapchat story views.

With the latest Snapchat update, the viewers section of your story has been split into two categories: followers and non-followers. Many users are eager to discover the identities of these non-followers, but are often left wondering how to do so.

In this guide, we'll demystify who these non-followers are and whether it is possible to reveal their identities. If you want to prevent non-followers from seeing your story, make your Snapchat account private ASAP.

How to see non-followers on Snapchat story

Unfortunately, at present, it's impossible to see the list of non-followers on your Snapchat story. However, it's likely that Snapchat will introduce an exclusive feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers to see non-followers in the near future.

We've observed a similar situation in the past with the introduction of the story rewatch count feature. Snapchat introduced this feature exclusively for Snapchat+ subscribers, allowing them to see the list of people who rewatched their Snapchat stories.

It seems that Snapchat is strategically piquing people's curiosity about who might be viewing their stories among non-followers. They may soon offer this functionality to premium subscribers, with the aim of enticing more users to subscribe to Snapchat+.

We'll keep you informed by updating this guide if Snapchat does indeed introduce this feature in the future. Meanwhile, it's a good idea to explore the Snapchat Plus features, especially if you're contemplating a subscription purchase.

Who are these non-followers on Snapchat stories?

It's a question that has left many Snapchat users intrigued, wondering how these individuals can view their stories without having added them as friends.

The most straightforward explanation for this situation is that you might have unintentionally made your story "public," enabling individuals who aren't your followers to view your story content. Therefore, it's a good idea to review your story settings.

Non-followers in this context may encompass individuals you've unfriended on Snapchat but still maintain your chat in their chat tab, as well as those who stumbled upon your profile via the quick add, map, or explore feed.

And with that, we're wrapping up our guide on the non-followers on Snapchat stories. Before you head off, make sure you find out what the Snapchat flashing text means and learn how to see the best friends list on Snapchat Plus.

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