How to redeem a game code on Steam: Learn where to put a code in Steam

Ever since the early days of Steam, there’s been ways of being able to gift someone with a game, without logging into their account and buying it with your own payment details.

Especially during these times, it can help to just buy a game for a friend or a relative if they’re feeling blue, so they can spend most of the week or an evening playing a game they’ve had bought for them.

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Steam has a way of redeeming a code for a game, which is a very simple affair, and you can even use codes that you’ve bought from other outlets, and use them on Steam, as long as they’re compatible.

With that, here’s how to redeem a game in Steam.

How to redeem a code on Steam

Make sure that you’ve got a working internet connection, and launch Steam. Go to the menu bar at the top, and select 'Games'.

Select ‘Activate a Product’, and once the window appears, enter the code as it’s shown. Don’t worry if there’s dashes in the code you were given, Steam can figure that part out.

Once you’ve filled in the code, press ‘Activate’, and the game will be shown.

You will then be given the usual installation steps for the game, such as the chosen directory and its file size, and if you would like to download it now.

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Where would you get a Steam code?

Being given a code as a gift wouldn’t be the only scenario for this. Many sites out there such as CD-Keys have redeeming-codes as their storefront, and most are very discounted.

It doesn’t even limit to Steam, as other outlets such as Origin and even the Xbox Store use the same method to redeem a game, so if you look around, you may find a good deal in the midsts. Just make sure that it’s from a reputable store with a good track record.

As a guide on the Steam site says, there may be a time where you receive a ‘invalid key entered’ when you’re trying to redeem one. Make sure that the zeroes and the ‘I’ letters are correct, as they may just mean letters and capitals.

You may see a deal for a game that’s just not your cup of water, but it might be for a friend. So how about treat them to a game like Assassin’s Creed or Yakuza during these times, now that you know how the redeeming feature works on Steam.

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