How to put a disc in your Xbox Series X: Which way up should you insert a disc?

The Xbox Series X is here and you might want to use discs with it, but which way up should you be putting a disc if you actually want the console to read it?

Fair enough if you decided to Google this before shoving a DVD, BluRay, CD or game disc into your console - you never want to take a risk when there's a disc involved!

Keep on reading for the answer you seek...

Which way up should you put a disc in Xbox Series X?

This is a pretty simple one, so we'll cut straight to the point: you want to have the shiny side of the disc facing into the bigger part of the console.

So make sure the shiny side of the disc is facing towards the USB port on the front of the console, and you should be fine!

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What else do I need to know about using discs on the Xbox Series X?

If you previously owned an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or original Xbox, you'll be glad to know that all those old discs will work just fine on Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X can also play DVDs, CDs and BluRays, but you might need to install a free piece of software called 'BluRay Player' if you want to do that. Your console will prompt you if you need this, though, and it only takes a minute or so to download - if your internet is decent!

And if you want to eject a disc, simply press the little round button just next to the disc port!

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