How to pair a controller to your Android phone for Xbox's xCloud streaming service

The good thing about cloud-based gaming service apps is that you may access those on almost any device and location. One of those would be the xCloud gaming service by Microsoft.

Although we do recommend that using a controller for this on a smartphone is the best option here.

But can you really connect the controller to your Android device?

Here's what you need to know on how to pair a controller to your phone.

Pair your xCloud controller to an Android phone by USB

To pair an xCloud controller to your Android device, one way to do it is to connect it via USB.

As per The Verge, you would need a micro USB cable to connect your controller to a USB-A cable assuming you have an adapter that may fit your phone's port.

After you have covered all of those, your xCloud controller should now work well with your Android device.

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Pair your xCloud controller to an Android phone by Bluetooth

One more way to connect your xCloud controller to an Android phone is via Bluetooth.

Although users must take note that there are two versions of the xCloud controller, and one of which isn't supporting Bluetooth.

So make sure you have the Bluetooth-ready one, add a phone clip, and connect it the usual way of pairing two Bluetooth devices.

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