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If you want to make your own website, then it’s very important to know how to inspect on iPad. The reason is that you need to make sure that your site works fine with any kind of device or resolution.

Usually, iOS devices receive updates every year, and being able to check how your website works with them is crucial. So, we will tell you about a method you can use to inspect elements on an iPad.

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How to inspect on iPad - elements

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There are many different ways to inspect elements on an iPad, but we will focus on one particular app. It’s called the Safari developer tool and is really helpful. In order to use it, you will need to prepare the next things:

  • Your iPad
  • Your macOS device
  • A USB cable that you can use to connect these devices to each other

How to inspect element on iPad with Safari

Well, the Safari developer tool is not that difficult to use. Follow the next steps and everything should be fine:

  • Open the Settings menu on your iPad and find the Safari developer tool
  • Open the Advanced tab in Safari
  • Enable the Web Inspector option
  • Open the Safari browser on a device that runs macOS
  • Open the Preferences menu
  • Open the Advanced tab
  • Enable the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” option
  • Connect your macOS device and iPad with the USB cable
  • Click on the Develop button in your menu bar and find the iPad. Also, you can connect both devices without a cable using the Connect via Network feature in the Developer menu
  • Open the Safari tool on your iPad and then open the website you want to inspect
  • Open Safari on the macOS device
  • Navigate to the Develop menu on the macOS device and find the iPad
  • Put your cursor over the iPad and you should see all the pages it is currently running
  • Choose the website you want to inspect and click on it

This is how you can inspect anything on your iPad. Hopefully, this short guide will help you make your website more comfortable for all users! And if you are looking for even more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to use Apple's Keyboard Shortcuts on an iPad.

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