How to improve the Nintendo Switch battery life

The Switch is an excellent console. While there are lots of arguments in favour of this, probably the best one is that you can play it in the bathroom.

Whether you're hiding on the toiler from your toddler or just relaxing in your bathtub, you know you've got something to keep you company.

There's nothing worse than the battery running out during these moments though, nothing worse at all.

Well, what if we could help you make your Switch last a little longer no matter where you are.

Improve the Nintendo Switch battery life

There are a few things you can do to help your Switch go all night long, but you'll need to mess around with some of the settings first.

The first one to change is the brightness. You can lower this by going to the settings and altering the brightness. This will lower the battery consumption a fair bit, but we can do more.

If you're not playing online and don't need to use Wi-Fi, you can switch the Switch to aeroplane mode too which will improve things even more.

Those are the things you can do for free to improve the console's battery life, but if you've got money to spare you can always spend it to improve things too.

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What can you buy to improve the Switch battery life?

The most obvious thing you can purchase is a battery. You can find portable battery packs online easily, and some of the ones that are designed to work with the Switch can improve the battery life substantially.

It's also worth noting that newer Switch models have a better battery life naturally too.

Nintendo phased out the older models once they'd updated them, but if you got a console at launch then you could always buy a new one. We recommend waiting to see whether or not there will be a Switch Pro instead though.

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