How to get Herbarium Card in Nightingale

Herbarium Card Nightingale - a character wearing a goat mask

Herbarium Card Nightingale - a character wearing a goat mask

Are you trying to collect all the many cards in Nightingale but having problems doing so? Do not fret, since we are here to help you understand how to get Herbarium card in Nightingale, so you can progress through the game faster.

But first, you have to make sure you are not having any technical issues while running the game, right? Players have identified a number of different issues, such as the crashing problem, shards error and the "out of memory" error.

But in this guide, we will tell you how to get your hands on the elusive Herbarium Card in Nightingale. Don't forget, also, to learn how to upgrade gear score in Nightingale.

How to get Herbarium Card in Nightingale

First thing to do in order to get your hands on the Herbarium Card is to find white ruins on your Abeyance map. You will recognize them since they are different from the usual dungeon, they are built like towers, rather than the usual caves.

As with any ruins in the game, though, you will be forced to fight a boss to get your hands on the fabled card. This is a high-tier item, so we recommend definitely waiting until your gear score is at least up to 35.

The enemy that is guarding this card will be able to summon minions to help him fight you. These might be particularly troublesome, as they will be able to attack and deal you splash damage, so better try to counter them as much as possible.

Once you've dealt with the minions, it is time to deal with the Knight. He will not only shoot missiles, but also be able to deal some powerful melee attacks. Keep your distance and avoid them, while dealing damage. You should be able to defeat him in a rather short time.

That's all you need on how to get Herbarium Card in Nightingale. For more info on the game, check out our guide on how to heal.

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