Paramount Plus - How To Fix Streaming Issues

Master Chief - Paramount Plus not working
Credit: Paramount

Master Chief - Paramount Plus not working
Credit: Paramount

Is your Paramount Plus not working? That can be frustrating, but don't worry; we've got you covered.

With the deluge of streaming services, the virtually endless choice of content to get through, and the growing market fragmentation, choosing a specific streaming service may feel like the battle has already been won unless you're the kind of maverick who buys all of them.

If it happens to be your service of choice, you may need help with Paramount Plus not working occasionally. Whether you've been a longstanding user or come from one of the markets where this is a new arrival, the problem remains the same. Happily, though, so do the solutions.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working

There are a lot of potential issues that prevent Paramount Plus from working correctly. These include a black screen, a stuck loading image, a "video unavailable" error message, or the app itself freezing. The solutions will vary slightly depending on which device you are using to try and view your content.

We'll cover as much ground as possible to get you back up and running.

If you are streaming on a web browser

You want to check your browser and your PC, in this case. Here are a few general troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your browser is fully up to date. If any updates are outstanding, install them and see if this resolves the issue.
  • It's also worth checking if Paramount Plus supports the browser you are trying to use. There's a list of suitable browsers here.
  • Clear your browser's cache.
  • Try closing your browser and opening a new window.
  • If you can, try using an alternative supported browser.
  • Disable ad blockers. Ad blockers may be responsible for blocking Paramount Plus. So, if you use an ad blocker, disable it to see if this helps. Paramount offers guidance on how to do this here.
  • Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements for viewing Paramount Plus. This is more likely to apply to a new user. But if your system can't run the streaming service, that could explain your issue. The requirements will vary depending on your chosen device. You can see a list here.
  • Check your internet connection. This may seem obvious, but make sure the issue isn't with your internet connection. You'll need a minimum download speed of 4Mbps to stream Paramount Plus effectively. You can run a speed test to check whether you meet this requirement. If you need help, contact your service provider to see your speed improvement options.
    • If your internet is fast enough, you can just run through the usual troubleshooting steps: test a different app, minimise the number of other devices that are jostling for bandwidth, and, if appropriate, switch from WiFi to an Ethernet connection (this tends to be more stable) You can also restart your router to refresh your network connection.
  • Turn off tracking protection. This fix is specific to Firefox users. However, Paramount advises that enabling tracking protection can lead to streaming issues. To do this:
    • Click the three vertical lines in the top right corner for the menu.
    • Click on Preferences.
    • Select Privacy.
    • On the next page, deselect Standard and select Strict.

Some potential fixes are below if you are streaming on the Paramount+ app.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working On Xbox, PS4 And PS5

Paramount Plus is available to Xbox and PlayStation users. And if you are experiencing issues with the app not working, your best bet is to close the app and relaunch it. But there are differences in how Paramount advises you to go about this.

For Xbox users, they recommend that you restart your Xbox. Go to Settings, select Restart Console, and then press Yes. If this doesn't resolve the issue, restart your router and try relaunching the app.

On PlayStation, highlight the Paramount+ app, then press and hold the PS button on your controller. Select Close Application. As with Xbox users, if this doesn't work, restart your router and try again.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working Samsung, LG, And Other Smart TVs

Users of Samsung, LG, and Vizio TVs can try the following:

  • Samsung users can restart their TV and then relaunch the app.
  • LG users also need to restart their television. If this doesn't work. Turn off the television and unplug it for thirty seconds. Then, turn it back on and relaunch the app.
  • On Vizio, hold down the back button on your remote to force the Paramount+ app to close. Then try relaunching it. Restart the television at System > Reset Admin > Soft Power Cycle > Select Yes.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working On Android And iPhone

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The first step for anyone trying to stream via their mobile device is to force close the app. On an iPhone, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app. Once the app has been closed, relaunch it.

It's also important to make sure your network connection is working correctly. You can switch from WiFi to cellular data, or vice versa, to see if this makes a difference.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Not Working On Roku, Firestick, Apple TV And Xfinity

Last but not least, we'll take a look at connected devices. Of which there are many.

  • For Apple TV users, Paramount offers a guide on how to fix various issues. They reference things like crashing, constantly loading, and out-of-sync closed captions. You can find that guide here.
  • On Roku, your first step is to restart your Roku player.
    • If this doesn't work, manually check for any pending system updates. Go to System > System Update > Check Now.
  • If you use Fire TV or Android TV, force stop the app. Clear the cache on the device, then try again.
  • And finally, if you use Portal TV, Cox Contour Box, or Xfinity, do a hard reset of the device. Disconnect it from your power supply, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. Once it has rebooted, restart the app.

If, despite your best efforts, you still can't get Paramount Plus to work, then it's time to contact their Support Team for more help. But hopefully, for the vast majority of people, the solutions we've outlined above will suffice.

Can I Download Video To Watch Offline?

Indeed, you can download content to watch offline. But is it really a solution? You might wonder if it would be easier to download your content of choice, and then you don't have to worry about connecting to the service. And there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can download Paramount Plus content to watch offline and on the go.

The bad news is that this only applies if you subscribe to the Paramount Plus Premium package. So, if you are on the Essential Plan, this won't be an option. Sorry.

How To Fix Paramount Plus Downloads Not Working

Paramount Plus downloads are not working for you because of one of the following reasons:

  • You’re not a Premium subscriber. The option to download is not available for the Essential plan.
  • You are running iOS 12 or below or Android OS 4.4 or below.
  • You're using an older version of the Paramount+ app.
  • Not all shows and movies are available for download.

If you are not a Premium subscriber, upgrade your plan to fix the issue. If you are a Premium subscriber, try updating your OS and the Paramount+ app. If you see the download icon in some places but not others, it may mean the show or movie you are trying to download is unavailable.

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