How to fix Outriders stuck on Sign-In screen

Outriders launched at the beginning of April 2021, and within a week was being played by over 100,000 players on Steam. Despite the hugely successful launch, the game has not been without its issues. As well as problems with connecting to the server, there have also been challenges for some players who are trying to sign in and being unable to get past this screen.

So what do we know, and what can we do about it? Well, luckily for you, there is a temporary fix, which will hopefully tide you over, until the issue is properly resolved. Here's what we know.

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What is the Sign-In screen issue?

This particular glitch seems to be most common for Playstation users, both on PS4 and PS5. As seems to be the case with a few games, there is a potential link to leaving the console in Rest Mode.

The specific Outriders sign-in issue happens when you are trying to boot the game up. Instead of going to the main menu, you get stuck at the sign-in screen, for all eternity. Or until you give up and go do something else.

Square Enix do not yet appear to have found a solution for this. So what can we do to solve it?

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How can we fix it?

Happily, this does seem to be an issue with a relatively straightforward solution. Some users have reported that simply sitting and waiting will eventually allow you past the sign-in screen.

If you don't want to wait for an indeterminate period, then you can try rebooting the game and/or your console. This seems to be effective for most users, which may explain why Square Enix/People Can Fly are prioritising other glitches over this. But hopefully, as with all the reported problems, they will get fixed in time.

So there you have it. A problem where the solution is, genuinely, the much joked about, "have you tried turning it off and on again".

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