Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123: How to fix Nintendo Switch download error code 2123-1502

The Nintendo Switch has been a phenomenally successful games console for the Japanese giant, but like its competitors, it does still suffer from the occasional technical problem. One example is the numerically-enthusiastic Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502. In this article, we'll take a look at what this specific error is, and what you can do to fix it. So if you've been encountering this message while using your Switch, you've come to the right place to get some answers.

What is Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123?

This error seems to have started appearing after Nintendo rolled out a software update. This particular error code causes downloads to fail on the console. So if you were trying to download a game, or even an update for a game, it was crashing the console. Things got so bad that Nintendo actually had to suspend the roll-out of the new firmware.

Nintendo's own maintenance page has intimated that network maintenance was carried out on June 20th 2021, which some users are reporting has resolved the issue for them. There is further maintenance scheduled for their eshop and other updates in the coming days, which may also be linked to whatever has been causing this specific issue.

In other words, you may get lucky and find that the problem seems to disappear as swiftly as it appeared. But, if you are still suffering from this problem, here's what you can try.

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How to fix Error Code 2123

Nintendo has suggested a few possible fixes to try, if you encounter Error Code 2123-1502. According to them:

  • Attempt the download again
    1. Select OK to close the error message.
    2. A message indicating that the download stopped because an error has occurred may appear. Select Continue to attempt the download again.
    3. If the same error code appears again, please try continuing the download a few more times.
    4. When the message "Downloading data..." appears, the download should complete normally.
  • Restart the Nintendo Switch console.To restart the console, press the POWER Button for three seconds, and then select Power Options, followed by Turn Off. When the console has turned off, press the POWER button to turn it back on again.
  • Clear the cache on the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Test your internet connection Test your internet connection to ensure that your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the internet.
  • Create a new internet connection.Set up a new internet connection, ensuring that you are attempting to connect to the correct network, and that you are receiving a strong wireless signal from the network.
  • Manually enter an alternate DNS.If the DNS you are attempting to use is not working, entering an alternate DNS may resolve this issue.
  • Ensure that the MTU value in your network settings is set to default (1400).
  • Connect to the internet at a different location or access point.

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If none of these remedies works, then the next suggestion is to wait a while, in case it is a temporary network issue. As yet, Nintendo have not given any explanation for the cause of this error, neither have they publicly stated whether or not it has been definitively resolved. But hopefully the the additional updates, in combination with the above, will stop you from suffering any more with Error Code 2123-1502.

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