How to fix mute bug in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: What to do when everyone is muted

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is very much a modern game. That means thousands of gigabytes in updates, constantly having to adjust to the changes in balancing, and also bugs.

There are plenty of bugs to discover and collect in Modern Warfare, and none of them are good, that's why they're called bugs.

There are plenty of game-breaking error codes and issues that you might come across as you play. However ,one of the least impactful but most annoying ones is the mute bug.

If you're experiencing this incredibly irritating bug, then let us help you out.

What is the Modern Warfare mute bug

The bug here isn't so much of an actual bug, it's more of a strange error that can occur thanks to a few different settings, and even potentially pushing the wrong button.

You'll likely need to figure out what exactly is causing the issue, but it's not all that hard to do, and that means it's not all that hard to fix it either.

So, here are the three main way to fix the Modern Warfare mute bug.

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How to fix the Modern Warfare mute bug

The first thing you should check is that you've not accidentally muted everyone. We know that's an obvious thing to do, but it's always worth checking. Highlight the people you want to hear and make sure they're unmuted.

If that didn't work, then go to your Audio settings in your Options. While you're here, find the Voice Chat option and make sure it's activated.

If that didn't work, then it's probably because you're playing with people from other platforms. You'll be able to hear them too once you enable it. Select your Account tab, then Options, then enable the Crossplay Communication.

If none of these fixes work, then it's worth contacting Activision and asking them to try and fix it on their end.

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