How to fix Error Code 0x0003 for GeForce Experience users

Think of 'GeForce Experience' as the concierge to your graphics card. It will manage it, optimise it, and even share your gameplay in clips and streams.

As GPU's become more powerful and streaming becomes more of an exploding trend than it has been in the last few years, it's incredibly useful to see NVIDIA adapt to this quickly with their own software.

However, like any application, it can be prone to errors, and there has been one in particular that's been a bane to many lately.

With that, here's what the error is, and how to fix it.

What's the error?

Some NVIDIA owners have been experiencing an instant-crash as soon as the application starts up, rendering it useless.

A message box usually pops up with 'Error 0x0003', and trying to launch it again will result in another crash.

There's also rare moments where the icon will still be in the system tray, and while a user can click on it, nothing will happen.

Fortunately, there's a few fixes to alleviate this frustration.

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How to fix Error Code 0x0003

When encountering any error that relates to the GPU, the first point of call should be to check the driver updates.

Once that's done, go to 'services.msc' by pressing Win + R, typing it in and pressing Enter. Once you find 'NVIDIA Telemetry Container', right click on it, select 'Properties'.

Go to the 'Log On' tab and where it says 'Allow services to interact with desktop', click the check box. Press OK, and find 'Nvidia Display ServiceNvidia Local System Container, and Nvidia Network Service Container'. Enable them, restart your PC, start up 'GeForce Experience' again, and it should work.

If it still doesn't as a last resort, check to see if the application needs an update, and even if it doesn't, uninstall it and re-install.

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