How to fix Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel; Destiny 2 banned bug fix

Destiny 2 is not immune to the nightmare that is an Error Code. While we've dealt previously with Baboons, Bees, Beagles and Chickens, today we are facing one of our most formidable rivals yet: the Weasel. Crafty, sneaky, and difficult to pin down, Error Code Weasel has been causing gamers problems. So it's time for us to don our metaphorical animal control gear, and tell you everything you need to know, to overcome Error Code Weasel.

What causes Error Code Weasel?

Error Code Weasel is known to be caused by a couple of different factors. The most common reason is when players attempt to sign-in to multiple platforms at the same time, while having cross-save switched on. This will then cause the Weasel error to appear on whichever platform the player signed into first.

In addition, the Weasel error can be caused if you are in the midst of something when a ban is applied to your account. It's important to point out that the Weasel error does not cause the ban. Rather, it is the result of the ban being applied to the account.

The Weasel error code was originally part of the Centipede error group. But it was split off onto its own, to help Bungie investigate and resolve the causes of the error. The error seems to appear more frequently after big updates, or launches of new content. While all this background information is useful, what are the suggestions for resolving the problem if it arises?

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How to fix Error Code Weasel on Destiny 2

First and foremost, Bungie always recommend that players use a wired connection as opposed to playing via WiFi. So if you are playing through WiFi, try to use a wired connection. This will help establish if it may be an error caused by signal strength.

If Error Code Weasel strikes, and is preventing you from launching Destiny 2, then completing a power cycle on your console is the first thing to try. This is as simple as holding down your power button for several seconds, until the console restarts. Beyond this, it's also worth restarting your internet router. Consider checking with your ISP for any network issues in your area, and ensuring you don't have multiple devices and apps competing for precious bandwidth. If you are using a VPN, that can also sometimes be a factor in causing network connectivity issues. Think about disabling this to see if it makes a difference..

And finally, if you are repeatedly encountering the Weasel error, then Bungie has a helpful network troubleshooting guide to run through. This covers more in depth solutions such as port forwarding and NAT types.

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