How To Fix Bonelab Mods Menu Not Working

How To Fix Bonelab Mods Menu Not Working

How To Fix Bonelab Mods Menu Not Working

Is the Bonelab Mods menu not working for you?

One of the notable differences between Bonelab and Boneworks is the mod support. Yeah, Bonelab mods are finally here and there are some great new avatars, weapons, and more for you to enjoy.

However, some people are unable to try out the mods, because reportedly, their mods menu isn't working. If you are one of the unfortunate people with this problem, read on to see how to fix the issue.

How To Fix Bonelab Mods Menu Not Working

So you open Bonelab, head to the Mods menu, and select one of the mods to play but nothing happens. The Mods menu might look broken or bugged to you but that’s not the case. They work fine.

The reason why it doesn’t work for you is that you are doing it wrong. The Mods menu is a place where you can see and uninstall the mods you have installed, it isn’t where you enable the mods.

In order to enable a mod, you have to go to the body mall and choose the mod you want to use. You cannot enable a mod directly in the Mods menu. Well, it would have been a bit easier and less confusing if that was possible.

How To Install Bonelab Mods On PC

There are many websites that let you download mods easily., and nexus mods are some of the best sites that have a lot of mods for you to choose from. But we are going to use Bonelab in this guide because it is simple and easy to use.

Using the Bonelab repository, you can download mods from in-game. The Javascript you are about to install regularly scans through all bonelab mods and adds the links to them to the repository. As of now, there are 300+ mods available in the repository and it will only increase over time.

  1. Using the file explorer, navigate to
    C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONELAB\
    and open the repositories.txt file.
  2. Paste the URL in there.
    if you want NSFW mods too, just add the NSFW URL in addition
  3. Save the file
  4. Go to your mod station in Bonelab, open Settings and then Repos.
  5. Make sure the repos show up.
How To Fix Bonelab Mods Menu Not Working
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Now that you have installed the Bonelab mods successfully, you can enable it. Remember that you can't do it from the Mods menu. You have to go to the body mall to achieve that feat.

Since everything is sorted, have a look at how to fix crashing in Bonelab.

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