How To Fix Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error 2:2600J

If you've experienced Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error 2:2600J, you may well be wondering what's going on. After all, it's an unknown error, so it isn't going to be especially helpful in telling you what the issue os, or how to resolve it. And this particular issue seems to be especially strange. We'll explain why, and what you can do to deal with Unknown Error 2:2600J.

How To Fix Unknown Error 2:2600J

We'll explain the peculiarities of this error code in the next section. For now, we're going to focus specifically on potential fixes for this problem. And the emphasis is on potential. This is an unknown error, which as yet does not have a clear origin. And it doesn't always cause the same issues for players. So in some instances, a fix may work for you, but not for other players. So try them in any order you like, and see which, if any, work for you:

  • Do nothing. As odd as this sounds, for a lot of players, the appearance of the error code makes no difference to their ability to play the game. Players find that they are able to proceed to the main menu and connect to a game.
  • Assuming you aren't that lucky, check for any outstanding system or game updates. Some players ahve reported that updating their software seems to have made the error disappear.
  • Try the classic. Turn your machine off and on again. We can't promise it will work, but for some players, it seems to have been effective.
  • It's also worth checking the server status of the game. There is a possibility that this error is server-related. So make sure everythnig is working properly. You can check the PSN network here, and Xbox Live here. You can also follow @EAHelp and Battlefield Direct Communication on Twitter, for further updates.
  • Finally, one other solution that has been reported is deleting the 'igo64.dll' file from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin.

If nothing is working, then contact EA for further support and assistance. You can use either of the Twitter accounts we highlighted above. If not, you can contact them via their website.

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What is Unknown Error 2:2600J?

You'll know you've been hit by Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error 2:2600J by a distinctive red message that appears in the top right-hand corner of your screen. It usually crops up when you are starting the game. It's a cross-platform error, so players have been reporting this regardless of whether they are on PC or console. But this error is a little bit of an oddity.

In some cases, the error means that players are unable to play the game at all. It simply boots them back to the loading screen. In other cases, reports are that it prevents access to multiplayer games, but single-player games are fine. And in yet other instances, the error appears but has absolutely no discernible effect on the game. Players simply acknowledge the error, then continue as though nothing was wrong.

The fact that this error is so inconsistent does make it particularly difficult to pin down. We do know that EA is receiving a lot of reports from players about Unknown Error 2:2600J. The hope is that they will soon be able to figure out what's going on and provide a fix that makes it disappear for good.

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