Battlefield 2042 Coins Not Working - How To Fix The Coins Error

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Ewelina Lis with her anti-air unit
Credit: EA

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Ewelina Lis with her anti-air unit
Credit: EA

Cometh the the Zero Hour, cometh the Battlefield 2042 Coins not working error. Reports are rife of players experiencing currency-related issues. And we aren't talking about hyperinflation a la Weimar Germany.

If you've spent some of your actual, real hard-earned money to buy in-game currency, there's a good chance you won't currently be able to use any of it.

We'll explain what's going on, and what you can do about it. Below, you'll find out everything we know about the Battlefield 2042 Coins not working.

How To Fix The Battlefield 2042 Coins Error

At the time of writing, there doesn't actually appear to be any known solution that will allow players to get hold of those precious Battlefield 2042 Coins.

While this is deeply frustrating, at least the developers have acknowledged that they are aware of the issue, and they are doing what they can to try and identify a solution for it.

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Don't worry that your money is gone forever. In their known issues section, EA state: "Please do not be alarmed during this time, your purchased currency will correctly appear in your account as soon as we resolve these ongoing issues". That should at least offer some reassurance that your money hasn't been lost.

At this moment in time, there doesn't seem to be much we can do other than wait. And while this is deeply frustrating, the hope is that it won't be long before the issue is resolved.

While we wait, there is at least a little bit more information about what's causing this specific error. We'll cover that next.

What Is the Battlefield 2042 Coins Not Working Issue?

In terms of the error itself, there is an ongoing issue where players who purchase Battlefield Coins from storefronts are then unable to view those coins when they return to the in-game menu. This affects players who purchase via Origin, Xbox and PlayStation storefronts.

The error itself is linked to a Persistence Data Error, which is affecting all platforms. EA is working to restore all servers, but in the meantime, they recommend that if you are encountering this issue, your best course of action is to restart your game client. We've seen the Persistence Data Error before, and have more details here.

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Unfortunately, this is predominantly a server-side issue, and given the two errors seem to be interlinked, there isn't much more anyone can do until it gets fixed. Keep an eye on @BattlefieldComm where they will continue to provide updates on issues. You'll find out from there when the issue is finally resolved.

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