How to fix a PS4 console with network problems and a bad connection

Online gaming is great and all, but a dodgy network connection can sometimes through an infuriating spanner in the works.

It’s a scenario that all online gamers fear. You’re halfway through a thrilling battle, and your team looks set to clinch victory. And then, things start slowing up. The screen freezes. And before you know it, you’re turfed out of the game. 

If you’re experiencing issues on your PS4 such as game lag, slow connection, being kicked out of games during play or being unable to host online multiplayer games, it could be down to a couple of factors. 

One of the most common issues is that all online gaming is reliant on the manufacturer’s servers. If it is a server issue, it’s simply a case of waiting for it to be fixed. Luckily, when this happens it is usually fixed quickly. 

However, if the problem is caused by a local issue – i.e. your PS4, router or internet connection – there are some things that you can do to fix it. So, here’s how to fix a PS4 console with network problems and a bad connection.

Change DNS settings on the PS4

If you’re experiencing network problems when playing games online, firstly check whether your other devices are working on your home network. If they are but the PS4 isn’t, try changing your DNS settings. 

Go to ‘Network Settings’ and choose ‘Custom’ for the type of connection you use, which is either wi-fi or wired. Select your network, choose the automatic IP address setting, and select “Do not use” for DHCP Host Name. 

Two different DNS settings should appear — choose ‘Manual’. Afterward, set the primary DNS as ‘’ and the secondary DNS as ‘’. The console should then cycle through its tests, and you will be back online.

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Other solutions for PS4 network problems

If changing your console’s DNS settings doesn’t work, there are a couple of other things you can try. First, try updating your router’s software. To do this, follow the steps provided by the router’s manual for updating its software, or contact your internet service provider.

Second, try unplugging your console and router and plugging them back in again. Yes, it’s the age-old ‘off and on again’ solution, but it does often work. Simply disconnect all power to the PS4 and the router. Wait for a few minutes before reconnecting and testing if that has resolved the issue.

If the steps covered above don’t help, then you can use the Sony website to diagnose the problem and get some help through the manufacturer's official channels. You can use Sony’s PlayStation Help & Support site to search a library of known issues and follow troubleshooting guides.

If you’re experiencing any other problems with your PS4, check out our guide to the most common PS4 issues and how to fix them.

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