How to fix 0 views on TikTok 2024

How To Fix 0 Views On TikTok

How To Fix 0 Views On TikTok

If you want to know how to fix 0 views on your TikTok videos, you are not alone. Many people have complained about the lack of views on their TikTok duets or other short videos. For some reason, the number of views is stuck at 0; they are tired of waiting hours to get some.

Of course, if a TikTok no internet connection error or TikTok server error is the cause, it might just be that the views haven't been updated on your device and it will resolve itself once the connection stabilizes or the server issues are fixed.

However, if that's not the case with you, we will share with you some of the best methods you can use to fix 0 views on TikTok. But, before that, you might want to check how to get TikTok Dark Mode on Android.

How to fix 0 views on TikTok 2024

0 views on your TikTok video is the worst possible thing that can happen to you on TikTok. You spend hours planning, recording, and editing videos and end up with 0 views.

Luckily, you don't need to delete your video on TikTok out of frustration. Instead, you can fix 0 views on TikTok and get more views on your videos following the tips below.

  • First, make sure your account is not set to Private.
  • Also, check the privacy settings of your post. Ensure that the Who can watch this video option is not set to Only me.
  • The issue may be with TikTok servers; They might be down. You can try to fix the TikTok server error if this is the case. But if the servers are down, there is nothing you can do but wait.
  • If you are a new user and it's one of your first five videos, your video may be under review. It is TikTok's standard procedure to review videos from new users before distributing them to the masses. Typically, your video will take 6 to 24 hours to be approved. So, just wait.
  • Also, you have likely been shadowbanned on TikTok. If that is the case, you must wait until the ban is lifted.
  • If none of the above seems to be the issue, then a bug may be causing the problem.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you fix 0 views on TikTok. If you are still facing the issue on TikTok, you can always contact TikTok support and ask for their guidance.

Why do I have no views and likes on TikTok?

There are several reasons why your TikTok video has 0 views and likes. You may have accidentally set the visibility of your video to "Only me." Or it could be some network issue on your side or TikTok's. Other possible reasons are:

  • The content is under review.
  • Duplicated content.
  • It's been posted from a banned device.
  • It's using restricted keywords.
  • A bug (infamously known as the TikTok views glitch) prevents the views from being updated.

Apart from that, if the content you post goes against TikTok's community guidelines, you will be shadowbanned, and as a result, the visibility of your content will be significantly reduced.

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Another logical reason is that the video is not interesting enough to the audience. The key criterion TikTok uses to differentiate high-quality videos from crappy ones is the completion rate. It is the percentage of the video watched. The longer the video is watched, the better this ratio is.

The video will not show to more users if your completion rate is low during the test phase. The content of your video should be unique and interesting to keep the viewer’s attention so they will watch the video to the end.

Pro tip: Always hop on the latest TikTok trends, and don't forget to include top-trending TikTok hashtags and turn on comments on TikTok to improve engagement with your content.

If your video is of high quality and engaging, and you use the above tips we shared, you will get enough views to get paid on TikTok.

How to get more views on TikTok

Well, there isn't much you can do to get more views on TikTok after posting. Most things that can dictate the success of your posts, such as the time you post on TikTok and the quality of your video, are already set in stone.

Don't despair, though. You can do things to get more views on TikTok after posting. Here are some tips:

These tips will help you to get more views on TikTok after posting, but only in a very limited way. If you want to get more views, you should think about it before posting.

Why does my TikTok have no views but likes?

If your TikTok video has 0 views but accumulates likes, it means that you have been hit by what TikTokers infamously call the "TikTok views glitch." The glitch is preventing the views from being updated, and thereby, your video is stuck with 0 views on TikTok.

To fix the issue, try the standard troubleshooting tips like killing and restarting the app, rebooting your smartphone, and clearing the app cache. If the problem persists, you can wait for it to resolve itself.

That covers everything about the issue of 0 views on TikTok. Hope you found our suggestions helpful. Before heading off, check out how to pin comments on TikTok Live.

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