How to dock in Starfield

how to dock in Starfield - space ship around planet

how to dock in Starfield - space ship around planet

We are talking about space, space travel, as the song went. Indeed, an all around essential feature while playing Bethesda's latest smash hit. Since, you will be spending a lot of time in your tiny metal can, travelling from one planet to the other, there is one important thing to remember. Do you know how to dock in Starfield? This can get tricky if you don't have the procedure down.

An all important feature of space travel, considering there are so many space stations containing interesting quests and items. You definitely want to visit them and very soon.

That's what we will teach you in this guide. Let's find out how to dock in Starfield. So you won't have to pick up your pieces after blowing up your spaceship.

How to dock in Starfield

This is pretty easy. In order to dock your spaceship, follow these steps:

  • Approach the target you want to dock to.
  • Press E or A on the gamepad to make first contact with the target.
  • Check that you are around the 500-meter range from the station or planet.
  • You will see a docking option appear on the interface.
  • Now keep pressing the R key or the X button on the gamepad.

That's really all there is to know for the docking process. Completing these simple steps will mean your spaceship is now docked and you can go about your business.

Clearly, this is just a very straightforward explanation for something which may be a little trickier in the game. We recommend some practice, of course, that is always the best approach.

Can you fast travel while docked?

No, it is not possible to use the fast travel option while your ship is docked. What you want to do is go back to it, once you've finished your business, and only then you can use the fast travel option.

There are no shortcuts in space, of course. For other tips and tricks on the game, check out our guides on Starfield file size and Starfield romance options.

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