How to create custom wallpapers on PS4: Make your own backgrounds and themes

Whenever you get a console you probably want to customise it to make sure it feels like yours.

That's why the themes and backgrounds that the PS4 has are so much fun, especially when there are some you can unlock by getting platinum trophies or through completely a game.

Switching and swapping these around lets you match your PS4s vibe to your own, and that's important because if you spend a lot of time there, you want to feel at home.

Well, did you know that you can actually make your own themes and backgrounds on PS4?

How to make your own themes and backgrounds for PS4

You'll need access to a PC or a Mac and a USB storage device to do this, but it's actually not that hard to manage.

  • On the PC or Mac, create a folder called IMAGES on the USB device
  • Put whichever images you like into said folder, just remember to keep them 1920x1080 for PS4 and 3840x2160 for PS4 Pro
  • Take the USB out of your computer and put it into your PS4
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Themes
  • Go to Select Theme
  • Go to Custom
  • Go to Select Image
  • Go to USB Storage Device
  • Select the image you want
  • Push X to confirm and then use the analogue sticks to move it around and adjust it
  • Press X again to confirm you're happy with it
  • You can then choose to Make Function Area Dim, which will help if you're struggling to read anything on your new background
  • You can preview the look if you like or just hit apply if you're happy with it

That's all there is to it. You can do this as much as you want and choose basically whatever you want too. Just try to make sure it's not something you'd be embarrassed about somebody else seeing.

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