How to create a Nintendo Account, and what you can use it for on Switch and beyond

If you've just picked up a Nintendo Switch and are eager to check out the games available on the eShop, you'll quickly realise that you'll need a Nintendo Account to make the most of your new console.

In this day and age, you need an account for most things online, but don't fret! Nintendo makes it easy to create your account, and even offers some pretty nifty rewards to those who sign up.

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To find out how to create a Nintendo Account, keep reading...

How to create a Nintendo Account

To create a Nintendo Account, click this link here to go to Nintendo's sign in page. Once there, you'll need to click the 'Create a Nintendo Account' to get started.

If you're under 16 or are creating an account for someone under that age, you'll need to have the email address of a parent/guardian who already has a Nintendo Account to link your account to.

Once you're through onto the sign-up page, simply enter your details or link one of your social media accounts to get some of this information, and complete the process! You'll also want to verify your account's creation, so watch out for a verification email.

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What can I use a Nintendo Account for?

Aside from the base requirement of having a Nintendo Account to make purchases on your Nintendo Switch console, there are plenty of other benefits that come with having an account.

The main benefit of a Nintendo Account is the My Nintendo loyalty program. This rewards system grants you Gold or Platinum Points for completing missions, playing apps, and buying or registering games for the Nintendo Switch.

You can use Gold Points towards buying new Nintendo games or DLC, while Platinum Points can be used towards redeeming digital goodies, or in some cases, actual physical products such as posters, coasters, and keychains.

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You can currently use your Platinum Points to buy a Super Mario 3D All-Stars Poster Set! I don't have enough...

To sign your account up for My Nintendo and view the rewards currently on offer, click here.

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