How to connect Xbox Series S/X controller to iOS

Third-party accessories for the iPhone and iPad devices should be simple - and your Xbox One controller could be connected in an easy way.

Just follow through the guide we will discuss on later, and for sure, your Xbox controller will be suited up for your iOS devices.

And take note, it's a wireless experience dude.

So here's how to connect the Xbox One controller to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly.

While the support page for Apple lays out how to pair a Bluetooth accessory, it can be a challenge to pair an Xbox controller to an iOS device.

Bluetooth is your friend to link and connect those two devices, and work hand in hand, eventually.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth option on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth option of your Xbox One controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button.
  • The light on the controller will repeatedly blink, which will make it ready for pairing.
  • Approve the pairing of the two devices.

Connecting other Controllers to iOS

Whether it's a Dual Shock 4, a Dual Sense, or an Xbox One controller, they can also be paired to an iOS device, so you can still play Sonic or PUBG when you're free.

It's a far easier method than controlling a game with a touch screen; regardless of how easy a developer has made it. When it comes down to it, a standard controller is always best.

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