How to connect soundbar to PS5: Link up your sound system to the PlayStation 5 console

The PS5 console is rolling out around the world, so you might be sat there wondering just how are you meant to connect your soundbar to the snazzy new console.

After all, Sony has made a big deal about 3D Audio this generation, so you'll want to hook up that sick soundbar as soon as possible (assuming that you have a sick soundbar).

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But how do you connect a soundbar to your PS5 console? Keep reading to find out...

How to connect soundbar to PS5 - or any sound system you have!

In a lengthy FAQ page about the PS5, Sony raised the question, "Can I connect my PS5 to my surround sound system or sound bar?"

The answer offered by Sony is this: "Yes, players can use PS5’s HDMI OUT port to connect to your TV or sound system."

As long as your sound system has a HDMI input, then, you can connect it to your PS5 through the 'HDMI OUT' slot on the back of the console.

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Which audio output formats does PS5 support?

And if you are a big fan of sound-based stuff, you'll be interested to know that the PS5 will support the following audio formats:

  • Dolby Digital (max 5.1ch)
  • Dolby Digital Plus (max 7.1ch)
  • Dolby TrueHD (max 7.1ch)
  • DTS (max 5.1ch)
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio (max 7.1ch)
  • DTS-HD Master Audio (max 7.1ch)
  • AAC (max 5.1ch)
  • Linear PCM (max 7.1ch)

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