How To Connect AirPods Max To Xbox Series X/S

How To Connect AirPods Max To Xbox Series X/S

How To Connect AirPods Max To Xbox Series X/S

Do you want to connect your new Apple AirPods Max to your Xbox Series X console? We've got you covered.

Wireless headsets are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They give you greater flexibility and freedom to move, as well as provide a high-quality audio experience. As well as the traditional Bluetooth and gaming headsets that have been around for a while, there is a range of relative newcomers, including the Apple AirPods Max.

Having been released to broadly excellent reviews, the AirPods Max is undoubtedly a premium product, with excellent sound quality, and superb noise-cancelling features. So it stands to reason that these might be something you would enjoy using with your next-generation games console, such as your Xbox Series X.

So is this something you can do, and how might you go about it? Here are the details.

AirPods And Xbox Compatibility

One of the most important things to be aware of with the AirPods Max is that it is a Bluetooth headset. While in most circumstances this is a fairly standard thing to say, it is important to note that the Xbox Series X does not automatically support Bluetooth audio devices.

Obviously, the Xbox Series X does have Bluetooth, as this is how the wireless controller connects, but it uses Microsoft's own wireless standard to connect. So with this in mind, does that mean that the Airpods Max just can't be used at all? Well, that isn't quite the whole story. Fortunately, there are a couple of different possibilities that will allow you to connect Airpods Max to your Xbox, and start enjoying that high-end experience.

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How To Connect AirPods Max To Xbox Series X/S

There are two main approaches you can take to this particular conundrum. The first, and possibly easiest method, is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. There are various kinds, some will be USB dongles that plug into your console, and others are 3.5mm audio jack dongles, that plug into your controller. But the principle remains the same, whichever option you go with. The good news is that these are readily available, and pretty cheap.

So how do you pair them?

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  • Plug the dongle into your console or controller as appropriate.
  • Turn it on, and ensure it is ready to pair (there is usually a flashing light to indicate this).
  • Press and hold the pairing button on your AirPods Max.
  • Hold this down until the light on the Bluetooth adapter stops flashing, this will indicate pairing has been successfully completed.
  • Check the connection is working.

Another option you can try, to enjoy Xbox games with your AirPods Max, is by playing via Remote Play.

  • Make sure you have the Xbox app downloaded to your Android or Apple device.
  • Pair your headphones with the device.
  • Sign in on the Xbox app, using your Xbox account.
  • Start playing.

These two options will let you enjoy those AirPods either on the go, or at home, for playing your Xbox games.

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