Starfield Delivering Devils – how to complete

Starfield Delivering Devils Percival

Starfield Delivering Devils Percival

Need a hand getting through the Starfield Delivering Devils mission? This quest involves a good amount of legwork, so it’s easy to get turned around. With this guide, you should be able to complete your mission without wasting much time.

Delivering Devils is a mission that is handed out by the UC Vanguard, one of the many factions you can join in the game. You never know what kind of tasks you’ll be given on a mission, so make sure you familiarize yourself with your powers and traits.

So, let’s see how to complete the Starfield Delivering Devils mission and continue the UC Vanguard storyline.

How to complete Delivering Devils

To complete Delivering Devils, you will need to locate a missing scientist named Percival and clear his debt. Since this is a faction mission for the UC Vanguard, you can start it by speaking to Commander Tuala on Jemison after you’ve completed the previous mission, Grunt Work.

You can follow these steps after accepting the mission:

  • Go to the Trade Authority on Mars and speak with Oktai Enbayar.
  • Head to the Sixth Circle bar for more info on Percival. Speak to the NPCs in the bar, including the bartender named Lou. If Lou asks you what Supra Et Ultra means, answer with Above and Beyond.
  • Lou will ask that you clear Percival’s debts. You can do this by paying the Authority yourself or making changes to the records within the Trade Authority’s central server.
  • While still inside the bar, look for a man named Cambridge Cooper and speak to him. He will offer up an alternative means of paying Percival’s debt.
  • Make your way back to Oktai and pay Percival’s debt of 21,867 credits.
  • Return to Lou and he will give you the passkey to the Drill Waste Room in the Red Devil’s headquarters. This is where Percival is hiding.
  • Make your way through the mine while dealing with the Spacers inside and you will eventually make it to the Drill Waste Room. Head inside and you’ll find Percival.
  • Speak with Percival and present him with the terrormorph cells.
  • After your conversation with the scientist, head back to the Sixth Circle for a meeting with Hadrian.

After planning out your next move with Hadrian at the Sixth Circle, Delivering Devils will be marked complete. The next UC Vanguard mission, Eyewitness, should now be available.

And that’s our guide on completing Delivering Devils in Starfield. While you’re here, you might also want to take a look at how to fix Starfield mods not working or a list of console commands for the space exploration game.

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